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Invisible Girl
(future release)

What is a fourteen year old to do when her mama’s best friend is found guilty of murdering his wife and said mama swirls into madness from the sheer weight of her grief? When Briley Ferrebee comes face to face with this tragic reality, she does the only thing she can think to do: she becomes invisible. Armed with her new-found Power of Invisibility and the comfort of Miss Delphine, her chain-smoking, Yoohoo-chugging neighbor, Briley copes by tiptoeing, undetected, around the chaos that has engulfed her family.

The Summer The Air Changed
(future release)

When Naomi June Lockleer moves from the holler and renders Bit Sizemore best friendless, Bit takes to the living room sofa to pout and have an all-out pity party. Then orange-haired, freckled and bespeckled Wisteria Calliope Jones (who made her debut in Self-Rising Flowers) careens into Bit’s life, leaving the memory of Naomi June in the dust. The girls’ friendship is instantaneous and secure until handsome, worldly Palmer Lee Compton shows up and tests their bond. But pretty boys and the mysterious demise of the town’s pets can’t come between this duo. Armed with their wit and sassiness and Wisteria’s wisdom beyond her years, the best friends set out to discover who is offing the animals and to show Palmer Lee that he’s no match for these holler girls.