Handbook of School Violence Table of Contents

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Preface - - Edwin R. Gerler, Jr.

Part 1: Causes of School Violence
Introduction: What Causes School Violence? - - Edwin R. Gerler, Jr.
Chapter 1: Connectedness and School Violence: A Framework for Developmental Interventions - - Michael J. Karcher
Chapter 2: Identification with Academics and Violence in Schools - - Jason W. Osborne

Part 2: Prevention of School Violence
Introduction: How to Prevent School Violence - - Edwin R. Gerler, Jr.
Chapter 3: School Violence in Children and Adolescents: A Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Current Interventions - - Stacey Scheckner, Stephen A. Rollin, Cheryl Kaiser-Ulrey, Richard Wagner
Chapter 4: Student Threat Assessment - - Dewey G. Cornell
Chapter 5: Peer Mediation - - Helen Lupton-Smith
Chapter 6: Lessons from the Field: Balancing Comprehensiveness and Feasibility in Peer Mediation Programs - - Maura Dillon
Chapter 7: Because No One Ever Asked: Understanding Youth Gangs as a Primary Step in Violence Prevention - - Laura Kallus
Chapter 8: Weapons in Schools: Reducing the Instruments of Violence - - David C. May

Part 3: Interventions in Cases of School Violence
Introduction: How to Intervene When School Violence Occurs - - Edwin R. Gerler, Jr.
Chapter 9: Characteristics and Consequences of Crisis Events - - Stephen E. Brock, Shane R. Jimerson
Chapter 10: School Crisis Interventions: Strategies for Addressing the Consequences of Crisis Events: - - Stephen E. Brock, Shane R. Jimerson
Chapter 11: Support Services Following a Shooting at School: Lessons Learned Regarding Response and Recovery - - Robert L. McGlenn, Shane R. Jimerson

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